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Request for Adjustment CHWA Water Rules and Regulations The Board of Directors can authorize to make adjustments to water bills resulting from involuntary use of water due to leaks in water service lines or defective plumbing fixtures. Involuntary use is defined as water consumption resulting from one of the aforementioned causes, where the billed consumption exceeds the average monthly consumption for the previous six months by at least 100% and is a minimum of 15,000 gallons. Voluntary uses of water such as lawn watering or failure to turn off an outside hose shall not provide the basis for a water or sewer billing adjustment. The billing adjustment shall be based on a review of the account for the six-month period prior to the involuntary use. In the event involuntary use encompasses two billing cycles, the calculation for the adjustment shall be based upon the average monthly consumption which exceeds two times the average monthly consumption for the previous six months. In order to obtain a water billing adjustment, the account holder must provide a written request seeking the adjustment and stating the reason for same. The request must be received by the CHWA within sixty days of the date of the billing for which the adjustment is sought and must be accompanied by evidence, such as a plumber’s bill, that a leak or other involuntary use has occurred, and has been repaired. Water billing adjustments shall be limited to the two-month period prior to the repair of the leak. Such adjustments may only be granted once in any twelve-month period. The total amount of the adjustment shall not exceed fifty percent of the excess usage.
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