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Request for Penalty Fee Reimbursement

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Effective June 22, 2018 Penalty Fees, as a result of Late Payment or Shut-off for Non-Payment, will no longer be waived by staff. If an Account Holder is persistent in asking that a fee be waived they can speak with the Superintendent. If the Account Holder still persists that the fee be waived, they must first pay the fee, then request a reimbursement of the fee by appearing in person at a regularly scheduled monthly Board of Directors meeting and stating the reason for reimbursement. In order to request a Penalty Fee Reimbursement, that was as a result of Late Payment or Shut Off for Non-Payment, the account holder must: 1. Complete this form. 2. Attend a Board of Directors meeting in person to state the reason for the reimbursement (Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 10:00 am at the CHWA office unless otherwise noted). 3. This form must be received by CHWA within sixty days of the date the fee was paid.
Source of Fees to be Reimbursed
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